Maya Baechler Looks to Double Up on Gold
Author: Nathan Wadhwani
Published: June 9, 2022

By: Nathan Wadhwani

Maya Baechler Looks to Double Up on Gold

Covid-19 kept the junior records safe, but the senior ones may not be so lucky

There are few things more satisfying than seeing a fellow Canadian dominate across the border, and young Maya Baechler is certainly a force to behold when she gets in the zone. Already this year she’s run at several meets in the United States, including the Stanford Invitational, WWU Ralph Vernacchia Invitational and the Oregon Relays.

Going into the BC High School Championships Baechler is ranked first in both the 800m and the 1500m. This comes as no surprise, as she was the grade 8 victor in both events the last time this Championship meet was held, in 2019. Her season last year, while certainly wonky from the effects of the pandemic, attracted many eyes as her performances reached levels very rare for her age. During her 2021 indoor season, she ran a record-breaking time of 2:50.12 in the 1000m, a new U18 Canadian record.

During the outdoor season, she ran her current personal best of 2:09.51 in the 800m. The BC Highschool Championship meet record in the 800m is 2:11.97 for junior girls, a time Baechler would have had a very good chance at passing had there been a championship meet last year. The senior girls current record is 2:08.61, but with Baechler on the track this weekend it may not stay that way for very long. And the 800m record isn’t the only one in jeopardy, as she can boast a similar story in the 1500m. Her best time of 4:25.58, run in 2021 would have shattered the BC Championship meet record for junior girls, which is 4:31.26. The senior record currently sits at 4:23.02.

As an inspiring female athlete, it comes as no surprise that her coach is just as extraordinary. Cindy Crowther is a renowned coach within BC and a former athlete. As an athlete she qualified for the U20 World Championships when she was just 14, and as a coach was one of the driving forces behind Jamie Clark, an athlete who was named to a B.C team no less than five times to compete at the National Championships. He also attended the University of Idaho on a full-ride scholarship, earned through his track performances throughout high school. Just as Jamie Clark was once a magnet on the track, now it’s Maya Baechler’s turn to gather an audience as she enters her senior high school years of competition, everyone eager to see what the clock has in store for her this year.

Author: RunBC

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